A Nigerian born/Brooklyn based, THUTMOSE, who featured our very own, REMA, on a track titled “Love In The Morning” of his recently released – Don’t Wake Me Up EP.

Emerging onto the scene as one of the year’s most versatile and promising newcomers, Thutmose releases his Don’t Wake Me EP. Featuring Nigerian superstar Rema, the Brooklyn based rapper brings smooth and soulful compositions that champion his heritage through infectious afrobeat accents.

Standout track “Love in the Morning” best embodies Thutmose’s latest sound direction. His offer of pop soul accentuates the rapper’s playful melodies complemented with buoyant rhythms. The dreamy video set on the London skyline features both Rema and Thutmose engaging with their love interests. Largely motivated by his rendering of the American dream, the Nigerian born artist found solace in music at a young age.

After spending his childhood in Nigeria, his family immigrated to the US, where the artist has emerged onto the scene as one of the year’s most versatile and promising newcomers. Thutmose isn’t one to shy away from making bold statements, using his art as a medium to present his progressive ideas. Lighting himself on fire for the Man of Fire artwork, Thut wanted to convey that no matter what chaos is around you, its possible to remain calm and collected. The Nigerian born artist is also driven by positivity in the pursuits to inspire other young creatives. “At a young age, my eyes were always open to the endless possibilities of what this life could become but the grind wasn’t always easy. When I face adversity, I don’t let it define me, I let it inspire me. My dream is to inspire you all, spread positivity and show each one of you out there with a dream that you can go chase it and make it a reality.” It’s this unwavering attitude and perseverance that has led to Thutmose meteoric rise within the past two years. As one of the first artists to be featured on Soundcloud’s 2019 artist’s spotlight campaign, Thutmose upheld his position as an independent artist. Supporting Billie Eilish on her latest debut headline tour and delivered the swaggering “Wipe Me Down” with Tory Lanez earlier this year he’s garnered support from NPR, Complex, Billboard, XXL, and many more. He was the only independent artist featured on the Spiderverse soundtrack with Memories’ which has accumulated over 30 million streams and makes for an outstanding feature on the Don’t Wake Me EP.