It was in the evening of last Tuesday that the young activist Kémi Séba wrote a letter to Guinean President Alpha Condé. In this open letter published on his Facebook page the President of the NGO Panafricanistes Urges openly to President Alpha Condé to give up a possible third term.

Mister President,

During your political debut (in opposition) you were a heroic and fervent defender of democracy. Defender who was even sent to prison for his convictions.

Today in power, you, the ex-pro-democracy political prisoner, incarcerate you illegally. Worse, you have those who have the misfortune to oppose your tragic dictatorial drift murdered.
You were a HOPE, you are becoming A NIGHTMARE. Because of what? Because of your DISEASY love of POWER.

You want a 3rd term. And most of the people are opposed to it. It does not oppose it only because it religiously keeps the law of the 2 mandates maximum for a president. The majority of the Guinean people are also opposed to your third term because in fact you have done nothing good in the field of social justice during your two terms. And there is a saying that never says 2 without 3.
Corruption, nepotism, enrichment of a minority, pauperization of the majority. Sad is the balance sheet.

Mr. President, if you love Africa more than power, I beg you, stop the massacre. Remove yourself with dignity, apologize to the families of those of your compatriots whom you are murdering. Release those who, like my brave brother and friend ELIE KAMANO, were unjustly INCARCERATED because (like you before) they are fighting for FREEDOM.

Mr. Chair, every persecution has a beginning and an end. You are at a time when you have full powers in your hands and you probably think you are untouchable. But never forget that no president is eternal, and sooner or later if you do not withdraw with dignity, the people will eventually dislodge you. And at that moment, it’s the worst you’ll risk.

Kemi Seba, President of the NGO Panafricanist Emergencies

**This translation is done with google and may not be as precise as the author described, in his own language