Akon: “France has never been fair in its relations with Africa”


Alioune Badara Seck of his real name, aka Akon made his remarks in an interview on Thursday with the French channel “Tv5 Monde”. Asked about F Cfa, Akon says that it is not fair that this currency is managed by France. “The African currency is beaten in France. That does not make sense. Africa should have its own motto. And to face the future, cryptocurrency is salvation “

According to Akon, France has not been fair in its relations with Africa, especially with its former colonies. The American rapper of Senegalese origin says that “France benefits from African resources without benefiting in return”.

“I think that relations between France and Africa must be fair. I do not think France has been fair in trade with Africa. France takes advantage of Africa’s resources without benefiting it in return. I think we can do more in terms of exchange between France and Africa.